Too late now

What is the UI optimized for?


User interfaces are increasingly surrounding us. They are designed by someone with incentives. In otherwords, they are optimized for something. Not necessarily just the one thing but often for a primary purpose.

So, Graphical vs text-based, GUI vs TUI. UIs originated in text before the evolution of graphical elements, initially mimicking the physical desktop. Since then, though, it seems that GUIs have evolved with more and more of a misaligned incentive for optimal use of the desktop. The incentive now seems to be more aligned with looking good, which I aplaud, but I find more distracting than anything, personally. A general web browser, like Firefox, opens up all websites, a large amount of which are optimised heavily to keep people on them. For me, this is leading to a lot of distraction and overhead.

TUIs seem to offer different incentives, from being keyboard-focused, lacking enticing graphical complexities, and having less overhead. But importantly, I don't open a TUI and get drawn into it in the same way as GUIs. They lack the pull to refresh spinners, glitzy spinner icons, and rich media, nearly all to their benefit.

Now, this isn't to say I'll completely remove the GUI applications I have and use, but I'll certainly be looking for more TUI alternatives. Though I have considered going back to just having the boot console only...